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The Office for Foreign Relations and Information (Úřad pro zahraniční styky a informace; UZSI) is an intelligence service of the Czech Republic. Its principal goal, effort and mission is to provide the Czech legislative and executive authorities with timely, impartial and quality foreign intelligence vital for the security and protection of foreign policy interests and economic policy interests of the Czech Republic.

Our aim is to protect the Czech Republic from threats represented by international terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their components, economic crime, different forms of political extremism, etc.

Our work comprises gathering and assessment of intelligence which is not available through standard means and activities (e.g. diplomacy) and which meets the following criteria:

  • It is of foreign origin (though they may be acquired in the territory of the Czech Republic);
  • It relates to the issues we were tasked by the Government to pursue;
  • It is unknown to the particular customer and is usually obtained through intelligence means.

Our major intent is to secure that the acquired intelligence is relevant, impartial and prompt.

The scope of powers of our service is regulated by the Act N.153/1994 Coll., the Intelligence Services of the Czech Republic Act, as amended. UZSI complies with the legal regulations of the Czech Republic, international treaties by which the Czech Republic is bound, Government resolutions, special acts of the Minister on the Interior and internal regulations. UZSI's officers also act in accordance with its ethical code.

As stated in section 51 of the Act N. 219/2000 Coll. to regulate the property of the Czech Republic and its position in legal relationships, we are an independent structural unit of the state.

The internal organization of our office is regulated by the statute which is subject to Government approval. UZSI's budget is a part of the budget of the Ministry of the Interior.

Our motto in UZSI's emblem is Tacitus' quotation "Sine ira et studio" (Annales 1.1) - literally "without anger and partiality". It means that we serve the country and not any particular interests.