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We provide the competent state administration bodies especially with the following:

  • Foreign intelligence regarding political events and aims which can have an impact on the interest of the Czech Republic;
  • Intelligence regarding economic events which can affect strategic economic interests, economic development and economic security of the Czech Republic;
  • Intelligence regarding international terrorism and other asymmetric security threats endangering security interests and international obligations of the Czech Republic.

As is the case with any other intelligence service, UZSI processes intelligence through a cyclical process.

To secure and verify intelligence we use standard intelligence methods.

With regard to the nature of our work we need to preserve the secrecy and protection of our sources, methods and means. While choosing the methods and means we constantly weigh their effectiveness against the possible risks of their negative impact on the foreign interests of the Czech Republic. Hence we usually cannot inform the public about our methods and results.

The scope of our work is determined by publicly available regulatory documents of the Czech Republic, especially by The Foreign Policy Conception of the Czech Republic and The Security Strategy of the Czech Republic. Our performance of long-term tasks is governed by the priority requirements defined by classified resolutions of the Czech Government

We have no executive powers and are not a body responsible for criminal proceedings. Our activities comply with the human rights and freedoms of the citizens of the Czech Republic. When we discover a piece of information which belongs into the sphere of competence of internal security services or bodies responsible for criminal proceedings, we pass the information immediately to them.