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There are various types of releases. The types, however, has to be prepared according to strict rules. They are divided into several categories. The internal term "Information" is used for referring to an analytically less complex intelligence, processed primarily from open sources especially by compilation. An analytical product with "added value" in a form of a commentary, processed mainly from open sources by an analyst is called "Commented Release".

"Analytical Study" - is a larger analytical product processing a particular topic of a certain issue in an analytical-exploring way. "Intelligence Release" is an analytical product processed from information gathered through one of more intelligence sources (own operational work, cooperating foreign service, signal intelligence), with the use of open sources (to various extents), depending on the circumstances. The identification of the source is of course covered. "Signal Information" is short, unanalyzed intelligence, which does not contain contextual data; it is used to immediately inform the addressee and it is usually based on information from one intelligence source. "Selection of Open Sources Information" is an overview of brief annotated articles (and other types of information) from foreign open sources regarding a certain issue; it is processed periodically and it covers longer period of time. "Judgment" is a short release, describing or explaining in detail a concrete finding or an opinion which is based on previous investigation (especially in the archives) or evaluation of phenomenon, events or connections. Most often it is a result of archive and screening activities and search in own data funds.

Most of releases are information of various levels of security classification - Restricted, Confidential, Secret or Top Secret.